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Pole Vault Stand

School Model

New inexpensive all steel pole vault upright for schools and club use.
1. 2 metre long solid steel runway give you room for longer adjustment.
2. Smooth height raiser.
3. Easy read height embossed on steel channel.
4. Modern stable extension arms for five heights.
5. Height range 2.7 M.T. To 4.6 M.T.

Size Code
School Model KSPVS09631
Elite Steel Model

1. Sleek runway system.
2. Stable bases with anchoring points on four corners.
3. Roller wheel for smooth gliding on bases for easy adjustment.
4. Strong Steel offsets with four cross bar pegs.

Size Code
Elite Steel Model KSPVS09632
Pole Vault Through

Made as per IAAF standard specification for track and field pole vault jump event. Made from Steel

Size Code
Pole Vault Through KSPVS09633