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Synthetic Foot Balls

Size Code
Synthetic Silver No. 1     2 Ply KSFB07601
Synthetic Silver No. 2     2 Ply KSFB07602
Synthetic Silver No. 3     2 Ply KSFB07603
Synthetic Silver No. 4     2 Ply KSFB07604
Synthetic Silver No. 5     2 Ply KSFB07605
Synthetic Gold No. 3     2 Ply Heavy KSFB07606
Synthetic Gold No. 5     2 Ply Heavy KSFB07607
Synthetic Diamond No. 5     3 Ply KSFB07608
P.V.C. Foot balls

Size Code
P.V.C. Gold No. 3     2 Ply KSFB07621
P.V.C. Gold No. 5     2 Ply KSFB07622
P.V.C. Diamond No. 3     3 Ply KSFB07623
P.V.C. Diamond No. 5     3 Ply KSFB07624
PU Foot Balls

Size Code
PU Diamond No. 5     3 Ply KSFB07631


Synthetic Volley Ball

Size Code
Synthetic Silver     2 Ply KSFB07651
Synthetic Gold     2 Ply KSFB07652
Synthetic Diamond     2 Ply KSFB07653
PU Volley Ball

Size Code
PU Diamond     2 Ply KSFB07661

Ball Accessories

Foot Ball Carrying Stand

Football carrying stand made of cloth and iron rungs it is used for the kipping the football at the ground.

Size Code
Foot Ball Carrying Stand KSFB07701
Foot Ball Carrying Bag

Football carrying bag made of thread mash. It is used for carrying football.

Size Code
Foot Ball Carrying Bag KSFB07702
Foot Ball Pump Gold

Size Code
Foot Ball Pump Gold KSFB07704
Foot Ball Pump Silver

Size Code
Foot Ball Pump Silver KSFB07703
Foot Ball Pin

Size Code
Foot Ball Pin KSFB07706
Foot Ball Pump Diamond

Size Code
Foot Ball Pump Diamond KSFB07705