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Agility and Speed Training Equipment

Heavy Dome Base

Can be used with spare PVC poles of different heights to perform drills and or water can be filled in the base to make it heavy and stable during performing drills. Sturdy dome base built to accommodate 1" Dia pole. Comes with a threaded plug at the bottom.

Size Code
Heavy Dome Base KSPHB02501

Poly Slalom Pole Base

Made from strong plastic vinyl. Built to accommodate 1.25" dia pole.

Size Code
Poly Slalom Pole Base KSPHB02502

Four Way Slit Base

Multi purpose Dome Base is used for sports conditioning, personal training and boot camp fitness workouts. It allows you to use it by itself as a marker cone or you can use it with flat hoops, non-spiked slalom poles or speed rings, to create different fitness obstacles and markers.

Size Code
Four Way Slit Base KSPHB02503

Rubber Base

Rubber base made of rubber for the purpose of set PVC pipe at the sand field.

Size Code
32mm Pole KSPHB02504
25mm Pole KSPHB02505

Pvc Pole

Poles are made of 25mm strong plastic, each pole have caps at both end. Available in different colors and sizes.

Size Code
30" KSPHB02506
48" KSPHB02507
60" KSPHB02508
68" KSPHB02509