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Passing Arc International

Powder coated spings, spikes and adjustable height passing arc. Heigh adjustable from 12" to 15" or 18". Passing arc will come back to normal position when hit.

Size Code
12” - 15” - 18” KSPA03501

Passing Arc Professional

18" High square passing arc.

Size Code
Passing Arc Professional KSPA03502
Passing Arc Professional KSPA03503

Passing Arc Club

15" High × 20" Wide Passing Arc Semi-Circular Arc with powder coated metal spike.

Size Code
Passing Arc Club KSPA03504
Passing Arc Club KSPA03505

Passing Arc Elementary

12" High × 20" Wide Passing Arc Traditional Semi-Circular Passing Arc with metal spike.

Size Code
12x20" KSPA03506
12x16" KSPA03507

Free kick Men Spring

Size Code
--- KSKN03601

Free kick Men

Size Code
--- KSKN03602