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Hoops and Flat Ring

Folding Hoops

A perfect hoops for school with snap-together section, which allows the user to build the hoop size in different diameters.

Size Code
6 Pcs KSHFR04001
8 Pcs KSHFR04009
Size Code
8 Pcs Heavy KSHFR04010

Hula Hoops

Made of 18 mm high quality HDPE pipes with neat & strong joints.

Size Code
18" KSHFR04002
24" KSHFR04003
30" KSHFR04004
36" KSHFR04005
42" KSHFR04006

Flat Rings

These are one-piece construction rings with no joints. Different patterns can be created for improving body balancing and controlling. Available in assorted colors.

Size Code
18"/td> KSHFR04007
24"/td> KSHFR04008

Flying Disc

Plastic flying discs made out of high quality raw material for extra durability and best performance.

Size Code
8" KSFD04501
9" KSFD04502
10" KSFD04503
10.5" KSFD04504
12.5" KSFD04505